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Pipe Relining Eco-Friendly?
Is Pipe Relining Eco-Friendly?

Pipe relining allows property owners to repair broken underground pipes without excavation, making it an environmentally friendly alternative. It avoids trenching, reduces waste from old pipe removal, and uses safe epoxy materials.

Crucial Plumbing Maintenance Tasks
Crucial Plumbing Maintenance Tasks

Performing regular maintenance on your plumbing system can help prevent costly emergencies. Inspect pipes and fixtures, clear drains, fix leaks quickly. Have a licensed plumber assess your system annually.

Natural Gas Safe?
Is Natural Gas Safe?

Natural gas is usually considered a relatively safe and clean energy source. However, improper handling or outdated infrastructure can lead to leaks, explosions and health issues. Take proper precautions for natural gas safety in your home.

5 Ways Unblock Blocked Shower Drain
5 Ways to Unblock a Blocked Shower Drain

A blocked shower drain can often be unclogged easily at home without chemicals. Pour boiling water down the drain, then add baking soda. You can also mix baking soda and vinegar for a fizzy reaction to dissolve blockages.

’ Lifespan Gas Pipeline?
What’s the Lifespan of a Gas Pipeline?

Natural gas pipelines are designed to have a useful operational life of approximately 50 years. Several factors like construction, maintenance and environmental conditions impact how long a gas pipeline lasts safely. Expect 40-80 years under normal conditions.

Hidden Plumbing Issues Causing Emergencies
Hidden Plumbing Issues Causing Emergencies

Undetected plumbing issues like leaks, corrosion and blockages can lead to flooding, property damage or even injury. Have a professional inspection to find hidden problems before they become emergencies requiring urgent repairs.

Pipe Relining Handles Bends Junctions
Pipe Relining Handles Bends and Junctions

Pipe relining is a trenchless technology that repairs cracked or broken pipes by inserting a resin-impregnated liner that molds to the interior. It handles multiple bends up to 90 degrees and junctions without digging. The resin cures to be 4 times stronger than PVC. Learn how pipe relining works.

Test Household Gas Leaks Easily
Test for Household Gas Leaks Easily

Detecting gas leaks protects your safety. Smell rotten eggs or hear hissing from pipes? See bubbles form from soapy water on joints? These signs indicate danger. We explain easy test methods plus when to call experts to fix leaks quickly.

Toilet Making Noise & Fix
Why Is My Toilet Making Noise & How To Fix It

A noisy toilet can wake you up at night. Common causes include clogged pipes, faulty valves, and water pressure issues. Fixes involve cleaning or replacing parts like the flapper. Call a plumber if needed.

Gas Pipe Relining Sydney
Gas Pipe Relining Sydney

Gas pipe relining allows underground gas pipes to be fixed and renovated from the inside without the need for expensive excavation. Our trenchless pipe relining is a fast and permanent solution lasting over 50 years.

Anode Rod & Maintain
What Is An Anode Rod & How To Maintain It

An anode rod is a metal rod inside your water heater tank that attracts corrosion instead of letting the tank corrode. Checking and replacing the anode rod every 2-3 years is an essential maintenance task to extend your water heater’s life.

Relight Gas Water Heater Pilot Light
How To Relight A Gas Water Heater Pilot Light

Before relighting the pilot light, turn off the gas valve and wait 10 minutes. Then turn knob to "pilot" position, press & hold ignitor button to spark a flame. Once the pilot stays lit for 30 secs, release ignitor. For assistance, contact our experts.

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